Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where The Heart Is

I just finished reading Where The Heart Is by author Billie Letts...
I know that some people may have seen this movie, but the book is quite different.

I very much enjoyed the movie and thought I would read this novel...
And I am pleased to say that it was worth every minute.

This novel is full of a lot of love and lots of drama.

Warning may contain spoilers!!!

It follows a young Novalee Nation who gets dumped at a Walmart when she is pregnant and without a penny in her pocket.
She is greeted with the kindness of strangers and grows bonds with the people who help her grow and learn along the way.
She lives in the Walmart for the end of her pregnancy and ends up giving birth there.
It follows her struggles of thinking she is nothing but stupid useless trailer trash and learning to love herself so that she can find love of her own.
While her ex boyfriend finds himself in jail and writes a song that gets him some stage time when he gets out... Though his bad choices and bad karma get the better of him every time and he eventually falls to his lowest point...

Definitely a cute story of love and heartache.

Good read! I give it two thumbs up.


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