Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kaylee's First Real Bedroom Reveal!

Yes, this has been the month of room reveals since we moved into the new apartment...

After Kaylee had seen her big sister's surprise room reveal,
She stated that she wanted to be surprised too and close her eyes as well.

So, I snuck around behind the nosey little girl's back and created a girlie room for her as well!

Presenting Kaylee's new and improved dream first real bedroom!!!

She was psyched and pleasantly surprised to see all her toys where she could get to them, since before the reveal they were still all packed away in boxes in the living room...

In her room she has a designated play kitchen area, as well as a dress up area with a full length mirror on the wall. I used hooks that would normally be used for robes or towels for a bathroom as places to hold necklaces or boas. And all of the hooks are at her height level for easy access.

The tree on wall was sketched using chalk just as I did with Elizabeth's room, but I also added faux flowers in pink and white, which I hot glued on the branches.

I got the design for the tree from Colorful Kid's Rooms

I plan to add more to the tree that I painted on her wall, like they show owls in the one I sketched the picture from... Maybe not owls, but something at least.


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