Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Where the heck have I been?

I must apologize, I am horribly horrible at sticking to journals and blogs!
Please bear with me! I am back and adding the blog page to my favorites,
So that it will help remind me to check in and update things!

So, just an update on the personal life events...

I know my last post said that Kaylee was just starting to walk...
But she is now an avid walker/runner!
She is a complete chatter box compared to most toddlers that I see,
Which is great, BUT we definitely have to watch what we say!!!

My family will soon be moving to a new apartment.
As it stands currently, Kaylee still sleeps in the upstairs hallway.
She is sleeping regularly in a toddler bed with a gate in front of the stairs.
In the new apartment, BOTH kids will have their own bedroom! YAY!

Also, Mr. EM and I are still engaged and still have no set plans for a wedding. 
We are currently saving for a nice wedding. As I like to say...

Something Borrowed. Something Blue.
Something Old. Something New. 
And A Whole Lot Of Green! 


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