Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elizabeth's Dream Room

I have been working on a project for the move into the new apartment.
Elizabeth has little knowledge as to when or if we are moving...
So, I wanted to surprise her with a "dream room!"

Remember, Elizabeth is a 10 year old with a bold sense of style.
She loves bright colors! Her favorite colors are...
Purple, Lime Green, Teal and Hot Pink, in that order.

If it comes in purple, she loves it.
"When I get older, I am going to paint my house purple."
"I want a purple beetle!"
"It would be better in purple!"
She makes Mr. EM so crazy with the color purple, he now loathes the color.

Anyways, I decided to create a sort of mural on her new bedroom wall!
I had to find a design on Google search that matched her newly painted wall.
She likes the darker purple that is more on the blue side, instead of the red side.
Unfortunately, the darker purple on all the walls would make the room into a cave.
So, I painted only one of the walls the darker purple and the rest a lighter shade.

I chose to use the darker wall to paint the 'mural' on.
This is the design that I found...

Since I don't have a projector, I had to free hand this onto the wall.
I used Kaylee's chalk to sketch the design onto the wall...
Using chalk makes it easier to correct mistakes and redo them.
Also, by using chalk, after you finish painting the design, the lines 'template'
You used easily wipes away, unlike pencil.

The best thing about this design, is that the colors were exactly what I used!

So, this is the finished painting!

I admit it isn't perfect or exact, but I think she will like it just fine!
We are currently waiting on rugs, but it has to be right as we move...
Since the current resident, my mother, has dogs and Kaylee is allergic!

I will post more pictures as the room comes together more... 


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Post Note: Design From 123RF

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