Thursday, October 14, 2010

-Let There Be Leaves... And Pumpkins!-

Besides the new styles that come with the fall, if you have little one's, the leaves are always a great free way to have some good old fashioned fun. Plus, it gets the kids away from the television or computer and into the fresh cool fall air!

Her big sister, Elizabeth, was having fun too, as she raked the leaves over to her to make a bigger pile. We had just got back from Kimball's Fruit Farm, after pumpkin picking. Mr. Murphy was a little disappointed that most of the pumpkins were just laying on the ground, pre-cut in the pumpkin patch, which means he couldn't use his knife to massacre the vines... We also grabbed some caramel apples and a hand full of honey sticks. Delicious and Fun!

Don't our pumpkins look lovely? Elizabeth's pumpkin is at the top step, Mr. Murphy ended up carving it after we she ended up breaking the two carving knives that came with the kit. Oops. The middle one is dedicated to the little one, Kaylee, since she can't carve her own yet and prefers to suck on the pumpkin gunk covered scraper instead. And last but not least, the bottom one is mine from when I was sixteen years old, it's the only pumpkin not real. If you would like to make an everlasting creation on a pumpkin, you can pick up a foam pumpkin ranging from $14 to $20 online and in most crafts stores.

So, I have to ask... What do you like about Fall?

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