Friday, October 15, 2010

-Good Apple Crisp-

If you want a good easy apple crisp recipe, just get a bag of apples and a stick of butter, from your local grocery store and pick up some Concord Foods Apple Crisp Mix. They sell packs of 6 on, which you may need after seeing how fast it went at my home where there was only a couple people eating it.

Concord Foods Apple Crisp-6 Boxes

It took about 45 minutes to make and that's including the peeling and coring of 8 apples. Actually, it took 9 apples, but unfortunately I dropped one in the trash while peeling it and I wasn't about to fish it out... Ew.

I apologize for the image quality, I was trying to take the picture fast before more of it disappeared. I would have showed a picture of the whole full dish of Apple Crisp fresh from the oven, but it started disappearing as soon as it hit the counter. Mr. Murphy comes home hungry after a long day of work and I can't say that it didn't make the house smell delicious and festive.
Disclosure: The product review above is my own and was not a paid post.

Note: Only one apple was lost in the making of this delicious dessert.

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