Monday, November 8, 2010


Mr. EM, Kaylee and I will begin our move on Thursday, into our new apartment!
I personally cannot wait, as I love unpacking and organizing the house!
It always makes everything so clean and organized.

To keep your home organized, try picking a cabinet or closet, or even a corner of the room,
And clean it out, organize it and throw out or recycle to things that you never use.

If you feel guilty about throwing out a perfectly usable thing, then recycle it!
Remember, one person's junk is another person's treasure!

Most towns have either a donation center, such as Saver's or the Salvation Army.
Or an online Freecycle group, some towns
To join a Freecycle group in your area, simply go to the Yahoo Groups
And Search for [Insert Your Town Here] Freecycle.
You have to join the group to get e-mail alerts for the group.
(I suggest making a separate e-mail account specifically for Freecycle alerts as you can receive up to 100 e-mails in a day, consisting of Offers, Wanted and Taken items.)
And don't forget to say Thank You! If you do in fact receive an item. 

Freecycle Group is specifically designed to help eliminate trash buildup in our dumps by recycling.
You offer your unwanted items to the members of the freecycle group in your area for free.
You are not allowed to sell anything in this group, this is only for giving your things away for FREE.

Now you are not allowed to ask for anything expensive or for animals.
And you are limited to how many times you can ask for something, so don't be greedy.
I believe you are required to Offer an item before you are allowed to post a Want.

So, if you are feeling charitable and have a cluttered house full of things you don't use/need,
Check out Freecycle.or through Yahoo Groups!

Yahoo Groups

Note: I am a member of a freecycle group and it helped me through getting almost everything I needed for my daughter when she was born, as I don't have a lot of money. I am very grateful for this group.

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